COLOR PUMPA crazy collection with intense and vibrant colours

Pump the colours!

Every woman dreams a daring
life, feeling free to experiment, and gathering in an explosion of colours that
bring the imaginative to life. Bellaoggi, has created a crazy and unique
collection by giving the chance to experience your freedom.

Play and have fun with our extraordinary lipsticks gel effect!  


Pigmented lipstick shades,
from vibrant nudes to bright reds and up to berries, able to stand out even on
darker complexions by enveloping lips in a riot of colour and shine. This bold,
supple texture glides on easily, adhering on the lips with a wonderful
smoothing effect. Lips immediately appear plastic-coated, non-sticky film and a
stunning, unparalleled radiance. The elegant, subtle and fashionable packaging
gives that touch of extravagance and underlines the sense of playfulness for
elegant and daring femininities.