Eurostyle SpA, with headquarters at the Interporto of Nola, Lot D, Block 3, Mod. 311/312, Nola (NA), cap. 80035, tax code and VAT number 05865900632.


Prize competition with methods for awarding prizes by drawing/extraction carried out by an official of the Chamber of Commerce and/or by a Notary, aimed at favoring and encouraging the sale of the products in promotion.


This prize competition will take place overall from 00:00 on 26/08/2019 to 23:59 on 01/09/2019.


Throughout the national territory in the context of activities related to purchases from the online e-commerce website. ( www.bellaoggi.it ).


The operation is aimed at all recipients who will purchase make-up products (hereinafter "Promoted Product/s").


Buyers (adults and residents/domiciled in the Italian national territory) of the product/s being promoted through the online e-commerce website www.bellaoggi.it .

Minors, Eurostyle SpA employees and all those who have participated in the realization of this initiative cannot participate in the competition.



All consumers having the requirements referred to in the previous art. 6 that, during the period of implementation of this initiative:

- will purchase at least one product promoted on the website www.bellaoggi.com ;

- they will follow the Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/bellaoggiitaliaofficial/ ;

- they will follow the page: https://www.facebook.com/BellaoggiItalia ;

they will be able to participate in this competition for free and try to win one of the prizes up for grabs.


- n. 2 (two) pairs of tickets (4 total free admission tickets) to attend the final evening of the "MISS ITALIA 2019" beauty contest with an estimated total value for each pair of Euro 500.00 (five hundred/00) including VAT if applicable .

It is not possible to request the exchange/replacement of the prize or the corresponding cash value.


The assignment of n. 2 prizes equal to a total jackpot of Euro 1,000.00 (one thousand/00) including VAT if applicable.


Pursuant to art. 19 of law 449 of 27/12/1997, the non-deductibility of VAT will be applied to the purchase of prizes consisting of taxable goods for tax purposes, or to the payment of the substitute tax in the event that the prizes are invoiced without application of the VAT.

  1. BAIL

The Deposit equal to 100% of the amount of the prizes up for grabs, pursuant to art. 7 of Presidential Decree 430/2001, was given to the Ministry of Economic Development (formerly the Ministry of Productive Activities) by means of a bank guarantee.


Participation in this prize competition will materialize with the purchase of at least one make-up product from the e-commerce website www.bellaoggi.it . However, participation in the competition remains optional and free and the purchase of the promoted products will give the possibility to participate in this competition with the extraction mechanism indicated below:

  1. when purchasing products on the bellaoggi.it website, the consumer must fill in all the fields by entering the requested data;
  2. failure to enter one of the mandatory data requested in the purchase form will prevent participation in the competition; incomprehensible, incomplete, or clearly untruthful personal data will be considered invalid, therefore, the participant will lose the right to participate;
  3. each participant will be entitled to a single prize even in the case of multiple purchases made on different days and times and his data will be considered only once;
  4. at the end of the competition, a single computerized list will be formed of all the participants who have made a purchase of make-up products on the bellaoggi.it e-commerce website;
  5. the list will be reworked in such a way as to allow the winners to be drawn anonymously and, therefore, each participant will be assigned a number, which will then be randomly drawn from an urn simultaneously formed in the presence of a Chamber official of Commerce and/or a Notary;
  6. by 09.02.2019 the extraction will be carried out in the presence of one of the subjects indicated in the previous letter. and);
  7. on that occasion, two names will be drawn, as many as the prizes up for grabs;
  8. a further four names will also be drawn which will be considered as "reserves" to which the prize will be awarded in the event of refusal of the same by the designated winner, of non-correspondence of their identity during the verification, or of violation of this regulation ( ie failure to meet the requirements set out in Article 6);
  9. within 1 day from the draw date, Eurostyle SpA will contact the designated winners by telephone (three call attempts at different times in the time slot 09.00-18.00) or by email at the contact details provided when drafting the purchase form for the promoted products, informing them of the prize winning;
  10. on the day following the communication of the prize win, the designated winner must send the declaration of acceptance and validation of the prize by email to the address legal@eurostylespa.com indicating the address where he/she prefers to receive shipping, the personal details of the accompanying person and attaching your identity document and that of the accompanying person;
  11. the sending of the information and documents indicated in the previous lett. j) it must be carried out within the essential term of the day following receipt of the prize winning notification, under penalty of forfeiture and reallocation of the prize to the reserves;
  12. the prize will be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
  13. The prizes are non-transferable and the winners will be responsible for any costs to reach the place of the event;
  14. Any unassigned prizes will be donated to a non-profit organization indicated in the following art. 17.
  15. Following the awarding and sending of the prizes or the devolution according to what is indicated in the previous lett. m), in the presence of an official of the Chamber of Commerce and/or a Notary, the closing report of the competition will be drawn up.

The Promoting Company may revoke or modify the methods of execution of this initiative for just cause, pursuant to and within the terms of art. 1990 of the civil code, giving advance notice to the promissors in the same form as the promise or in an equivalent form.


The promoter company declares that it waives the right to revoke the withholding tax pursuant to art. 30 DPR 600/73 in favor of the winners.


This prize operation will be advertised through promotional material on the website www.bellaoggi.it. The advertising messages that will communicate the event to its recipients will be consistent with this regulation. These regulations will be available on the website www.bellaoggi.it


The competition is governed by these regulations, the original of which is self-certified pursuant to art. 10 n° 3 of the Presidential Decree of 26/10/2001 N° 430, remains deposited and kept for the entire duration of the competition and for the 12 months following its conclusion at the administrative headquarters of the promoting company, at its headquarters in Nola ( NA), Interport of Nola Lot D, Block 3, Form 311-312.

  1. ONLUS

In case of non-assignment or non-acceptance of the prizes, they will be donated to:

ONLUS: “SOS il Telefono Azzurro – National line for the prevention of child abuse” Corso Lodi, 47 – 20139 Milan (MI) Tax Code. 92012690373.


The Promoting Company reserves the right to make changes or additions to these Regulations, which however cannot affect the rights acquired by the participants and which will be communicated to them in the manner used for the dissemination of the original conditions of participation.

Under no circumstances may the prize be converted into cash and/or other prizes. The Promoting Company cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for the improper use of the prizes by the recipients.

The promoter company will not be held responsible for:

  1. any failure to deliver the communication of the winnings and/or any other communications sent to the winners or to the Competitors, due to the indication by the competitors of incorrect and/or outdated data, to non-existent/incorrect e-mail addresses , unavailable or black-listed, mailboxes full or disabled, servers unreachable, or spam filters;
  2. access problems, impediments, malfunctions or difficulties concerning the technical tools, the computer, the telephone line, the cables, the electronics, the software and the hardware, the transmission and the connection, the internet connection, antivirus, antispam, firewall or postal problems or causes of any other kind beyond the control of the promoters themselves.

Participation implies for the Competitor the unconditional and total acceptance of the rules and clauses contained in these regulations without limitation.

Any dispute relating to this prize event, which has not been addressed by the Ministry of Economic Development, will be referred to the competent court.


This information is provided pursuant to art. 13 of EU Regulation 679/2016 by Eurostyle SpA , with registered office in Interporto di Nola, Lot D, Block 3, Mod. 311-312 – Nola (NA), data controller, in order to allow you to participate in the prize competition " LIVE THE EMOTION LIVE OF MISSITALIA 2019 " (hereinafter the " Competition "). The processing of your personal data will be legally based on the contractual relationship that will be created between you and the data controller following the acceptance of the Competition Rules and will be conducted for the entire duration of the same and for a further period of time foreseen from any legal obligations. Based on the legitimate interest as identified by EU Regulation 2016/679, the owner may send you direct marketing communications without prejudice to the possibility of objecting to this treatment immediately or at any time by contacting the owner. You can always contact the owner at the e-mail address legal@eurostylespa.com as well as find the complete version of this information in the Privacy Information section of the website https://www.bellaoggi.it, where you will find all the information on use of your personal data, the contact channels of the data controller as well as all the additional information required by the Regulation including your rights, the data retention time and the procedures for exercising the right to object to the processing.